Le Banyan de Pondicherry Engineering College is a Charitable Society supported by alumni of Pondicherry Engineering College. The Society was officially registered on 25th November, 2016. The society was registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 with the S.No. 473/2016.

Le Banyan de PEC, is a non-governmental organization which serves the welfare of deserving PEC students and citizens. Our main objectives are Promouvoir PEC-pals, Education, Women Empowerment, Welfare and Environment. The projects related to the objectives will be executed both inside the college for the welfare of PEC students as well as to enlighten the livelihood of common citizen. Via Promouvoir PEC-pals project will be exclusively catered to and executed to deserving PEC Students.

Le Banyan de PEC will pick up a few “Pet projects” which will be beneficial to the Students of PEC students and a few others deprived and deserving students from other students. With the blessing of the members of Le Banyan de PEC, the selected “Pet Projects” will be given higher priority and corpus fund will be built to ensure these projects will be implemented for life time. The “Pet projects” would cater to the welfare of the PEC students and students from other schools and colleges. Year over year, additional “Pet projects” will be considered based on the fund availability and support from alumni. Le Banyan de PEC ensures a proper project monitoring unit and a review update will be provided by the Joint- Secretaries.

Le Banyan de PEC will follow an open book policy for its operation and will operate at minimum overhead. The balance sheet will be presented at the governing body meeting every 3 months and will be shared with all members of Le Banyan de PEC. Project Selection, Project projected cost and Project expense will be available via google docs. and will be updated on a weekly basis.